Ian Cheng is een kunstenaar die zich bezig houdt met simulaties en worlding.

What is a simulation? Think of it as a videogame that plays itself. A simulation is that which doesn’t stop when the stories go away.

What is a world? A World is conceived when a creator decides to pick some part of reality and start believing in it again.

A World is a reality that promises to bring about habitable structure from the potential of chaos, and aim toward a future transformative enough to metabolize the pain and pleasure of its dysfunction.

What is worlding? An artistic activity that organizes base ingredients — deterministic stories and open-ended simulations — into something more than the sum of its parts. Something meaningful yet alive, bounded yet transforming. I’ve been calling this activity Worlding.

Worlding is the unnatural act of creating an infinite game by choosing a present, storytelling its past, simulating its futures and nurturing its changes.

Bianca over Ian Cheng‘Ik vind het interessant dat hij het dysfunctionele in zijn werelden en simulaties meeneemt als creatieve kracht.’